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Better Rates, Faster Payouts, & Higher Merchant Adoption: How ResortCleaning Won the Trifecta With PayFac-as-a-Service

ResortCleaning serves up powerful software to housekeeping and property management businesses, and thanks to Tilled, that now includes payment processing at a competitive rate.

For ResortCleaning, a full-service property management and housekeeping software provider, delivering a best-in-class solution to their customers is priority number one.

On its own, ResortCleaning’s platform features a suite of powerful tools designed to optimize scheduling, bookkeeping, team management and more. It’s also very integration-friendly, making it easy for end-users to connect with additional software they need to eliminate inefficiencies across their operations, like payment processing.

The Problem: ResortCleaning’s Former Provider Wasn’t Negotiating

ResortCleaning wanted to begin offering payment processing to their portfolio at a discounted rate compared to what they were getting from their existing provider, Stripe. After some back and forth, however, ResortCleaning realized that there were no negotiations to be had, and they would need to obtain better rates through a different provider.

The Solution: Adopting Tilled As Their Promoted Payment Service

To best serve their customers, ResortCleaning chose to integrate with another payment solution that not only offered more transparent and competitive pricing, but a healthy revenue share, full-service offerings, and intuitive technology. In January of 2022, ResortCleaning officially began processing payments through Tilled’s PayFac-as-a-Service.

“Tilled’s solution has been fantastic in helping us drive processing payments to our customers and facilitate faster payments and invoices through their property managers.”

The Highlights:

    • Driving Merchant Adoption With Partner Marketing
      • To ensure each newly onboarded and existing merchant is “pitched” on payment processing with Tilled, ResortCleaning collaborated with the Partner Marketing team at Tilled to create and add several promotional emails across their customer journey.
    • Easy-to-Use Interface
      • Danny Bradford, CEO of ResortCleaning, noted that Tilled’s interface has been intuitive and easy to use. He’s even shared provided feedback (which we always welcome) about the platform with Tilled’s tech team, which we ended up implementing into our beta program!
    • Top-Notch Customer Service
      • Minor hiccups happen during software implementations. When ResortCleaning ran into a few bumps during merchant onboarding, Tilled’s customer service team was quick to jump in and smooth things over, with the overall customer service being “fantastic” according to Danny.


“The thing that stood out to me and was impressive is it seems like Tilled’s ideologies are similar to ours.” You [Tilled] understand that there are going to be problems and take extra steps to help correct and prevent them in the future.”


Enjoy Faster Payouts With PayFac-as-a-Service Today!

Tilled’s PayFac-as-a-Service has the tools to help you drive merchant adoption and maximize the revenue you’re generating through payments — or could be generating. Contact our sales team to get started! 

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