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Get Everything You Need to Drive Merchant Adoption (and Processing Volume) With PayFac-as-a-Service

Converting merchants to a new payment solution can be taxing, but our Partner Marketing Program provides you with ISV Merchant Services for support, tools, and resources they need to effortlessly win over existing users and attract new ones to Tilled. 

As a modern software company, you know that an embedded payment solution and ISV merchant services can yield several benefits to your merchants. Getting them to see that, on the other hand, can require some selling.

Alas, with your own customers and core software to manage, creating the marketing materials you need to sell payments to your merchants can be challenging. Unless of course, you happen to be a Tilled partner.

Tilled: Where Support is More Than Just Technical

As a reminder, Tilled’s PayFac-as-a-Service empowers modern software companies to earn commissions on transactions made through their platforms and generate additional revenue from payments. 

That said, we wanted our solution to do more than enable ISVs to monetize payments. We also wanted to make it easy for our Partners to succeed with payment monetization. For that reason, we built go-to-market support into the core of PayFac-as-a-Service.

Through Tilled’s extensive partner marketing library and expert customer support, we’re providing ISVs with the product, customer, marketing, and sales support they need to convert merchants to their payment solution, without needing to add personnel or more resources.

Among these offerings is our Partner Marketing Program, which functions to help ISVs drive total processing volume across their portfolio by converting their end-users to Tilled. 

Convert Your End Users to PayFac-as-a-Service With the Tilled Partner Marketing Program

With our Partner Marketing Program, ISVs can access a library of carefully crafted marketing materials and services that we purpose-built to help get their merchants to start processing payments through Tilled.

From exclusive eBooks to white papers to co-brandable presentations and more, all of our collateral was designed to educate merchants on the value of payment processing, as well as how they can get started and be successful in processing payments through Tilled.

Our Partner Marketing Program also offers custom content services, in the event that our Partners want something more personalized, our team is happy to collaborate and create something custom. For example, Tilled has worked previously with our Partner ResortCleaning and unique email blasts to share with new customers. 

“We worked with Tilled to design a few emails to blast out to existing customers and include those in our customer journey, allowing us to pitch Tilled to anyone that is onboarded.” 
-Danny Bradford, CEO, ResortCleaning


With all the educational and marketing materials you could ask for, onboarding all of your previous merchants (and net new) quickly has never been easier. 

To learn more about our Partner Marketing Program, schedule a call with a member of our Sales team here!

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