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Tilled Launches Apple Pay

At Tilled, our ethos is to make payments simple for our partners, allowing you to focus on your core product while we handle all of the complexities, requirements, and processes that come with embedded payments. And while that has always been our north star as we’ve developed our initial product, we’re proud to say it has continued to guide us as we add new features and continually improve our technology. 

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Apple Pay as another payment option on Tilled’s platform, providing one more easy and convenient way for your customers to make payments using Tilled. The one-click, intuitive check-out experience provided by Apple Pay fits perfectly into the overall experience we provide with Tilled, and it was a no-brainer to add it as one of the first alternative payment options on our platform. Not sure if adding Apple Pay is right for your business? According to some estimates, adding Apple Pay can boost conversion rates by up to 250% and improve checkout completion time by as much as 58%.

But more than just offer it as an option for our partners, we took what would typically be a six-week process of applications, registrations, and complicated integrations and have turned it into a few simple lines of code that can be up and running on any Tilled embeddedƒ platform in less than an hour. Just drop in the code, send us your website, and we’ll have you accepting Apple Pay in minutes, no developer accounts or cryptographic certificates required. Your customers will see the Apple Pay option displayed on their check-out screen, giving them a one-click option for paying any bill or making their purchases. 

Beyond just easy implementation, you can also count on Tilled to manage all the annual recertifications, fees, and other requirements on your behalf. Never again will you forget a deadline or find yourself rushing to make an update. Tilled is your payments partner, keeping you up and running accepting payments while allowing you to focus on your core business, not payments. 

And like every other feature available on Tilled, Apple Pay is offered at no extra cost or monthly fee to all of our customers. As we continue to add features and evolve our core product, our philosophy of providing value for our partners without hidden gimmicks or nickel and diming for every new feature continues as well. 

From the day we started Tilled, before we ever wrote a single line of code, we were determined to solve the problems associated with payment facilitation. All the available solutions at the time were too complicated, took too much time to implement, and cost too much money. We set out to make a simple, fast and economically-beneficial solution with PayFac-as-a-Service. And we’re proud to add Apple Pay to our mission. 

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