A payments platform tailored to your business

Seamlessly integrate into Tilled’s payments platform and immediately start earning revenue by accepting online or in-person payments via credit, debit, and ACH processing, as well as alternate payment methods like Apple Pay®.

Payment Platform

A streamlined, frictionless merchant onboarding process

With Tilled’s payments platform, you can provide your merchants with the streamlined, frictionless enrollment process they’ve come to expect.

We provide customizable onboarding, instant underwriting and managed application approval to get merchants up and running instantly.

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Create and manage subscriptions and invoices

Through our Secure Storage Vault, your merchants can easily manage recurring payments and subscriptions as well as provide payment plan options. Merchants can also send invoices through text or email, and customers can click to pay instantly.

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Build custom reports and insights

Our reports and dashboards are available to both you and your merchants, and can be customized to your company’s brand and specific customer needs. Instantly view updates to merchant transaction history, batch settlement history, average payment volumes, and more.


We manage your risk and minimize your liability

Through our APIs, your company never touches sensitive data, limiting your scope when it comes to PCI compliance. We also take on all the liabilities associated with fraud and chargebacks, and we have active monitoring tools to mitigate those risks.


Make payments as easy as one click

Tilled generates a unique click-to-pay link that can be texted, emailed or embedded in your platform, allowing customers to complete their checkout process on a customized web page that’s as easy as one-click.

No logins necessary, no apps to download. Just click and pay.

Hosted Payments

Create recurring payments with securely stored payment data

Our Subscription API makes it easy to get started with recurring payments quickly.

Now, your customers can access stored payment data to set up weekly, monthly and annual payment schedules that can be paused at any time.


Receive commissions straight to your bank account

With split payments through Tilled you can set a customized platform fee specific to your business model, which puts you in full control of your margins.

Plus, you will receive your share of commissions straight into your bank account weeks earlier compared to legacy payment processors.

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Customizable pricing to fit any business model

Our platform is designed to allow you to set your fee structure any way you want. Whether that’s Interchange Plus, flat rate, or adding a customizable surcharge or convenience fee, Tilled puts you in full control of your payments pricing strategy.


Qualify for lower Interchange rates

For qualified B2B or B2G transactions, Tilled collects and transmits the additional information necessary to help you qualify for a lower interchange rate. This could lower processing rates by as much as one percent or more, dramatically increasing your payment margins.

Processing Fees

Ready to experience PayFac-as-a-Service?

Take full advantage of the benefits of payment facilitation, without any of the headaches, regulatory compliance, or liabilities of becoming a fully registered payment facilitator.

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Looking to form a referral partnership?

If you’re an ISO, financial institution, or referral agent looking to offer PayFac-as-a-Service to your ISV clients — we’d love to chat! Email partners@tilled.com with your name, phone number, and a brief note and someone will reach out to discuss our current opportunities.