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Tilled Merchant and Partner Applications: An Insider’s Look

We’re committed to helping software companies leverage all that payment facilitation can offer, and that starts with getting them up and running quickly.

 As a software company, you probably understand the value integrated payments can add to your product offering (and if you don’t, check out this blog), but manual applications requiring a seemingly endless amount of information can take you away from your core business. Plus, if your provider submits you to a complex application process, chances are your end users will be subjected to the same.

At Tilled, we make it as easy as possible to successfully leverage integrated payments  — beginning with the application. Our Partners and their merchants typically breeze through the application process, and considering the following information, it’s not hard to understand why:


Tilled Partner Application

  • It’s paper-free, need we say more?
    Tedious manual paperwork isn’t our cup of tea, and we’re guessing it’s not yours either. Luckily our Partner Application is not only digital but also includes in-line document signature and upload features to help you move through it faster.
  • It’s seriously secure.
    We understand the importance of security when handling confidential documents and financial data. Our application ensures the utmost safety of sensitive information, providing peace of mind to partners throughout the process.
  • It asks for the important things.
    We want to get to know you and your business today, not how it was performing nine years ago. The goal of our application is to give us a better understanding of your customer base, business model, and growth plan so we can set you up to offer seamless payment processing from day one.

Tilled Merchant Application

  • It was built to maximize time savings.
    An extensive application process translates to a poor merchant experience and can discourage your end users from using your payment solution. As a Tilled Partner, you can easily speed up submissions and convert your portfolio faster by pre-filling information on your Merchant Applications and inviting multiple merchant users to collaborate
  • It’s also seriously secure.
    Our Merchant Application echoes the same security standards and features as our Partner Application and even requires merchant login credentials in order to access it.
  • It can feel like an extension of your platform.
    In just a few clicks, Tilled Partners can white-label any Tilled communication, including their Merchant Applications. As a result of having your own branding, logo, colors, and custom URL displayed, your application will feel familiar to merchants, and ensure them that they’re not being passed off to a third party. 


As we said before, our applications were designed to help you easily add integrated payments and help set your business up for success with integrated payments. To learn more about our application process, or about our other platform features, tools, and resources, connect with our sales team here.  


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